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Give your loved ones a Christmas gift of Purefit

Why not give your loved ones a gift voucher for Purefit this Christmas?

Treatment for digestive problems at Athlone Nutrition Clinic

Did you know that approximately 70 per cent of the immune system resides in the gut? And that problems associated with low stomach acid are more common than those with excess stomach acid? However both conditions have similar symptoms but very different treatment protocols. A lot of behavioural issues and mental ill-health problems also have a connection with gut health, which if we stop to think about it makes perfect sense because if we are not absorbing nutrients properly our mental as well as physical health is going to suffer as a result.

Foods that boost energy

According to pharmacist Eamonn Brady from Whelehans Pharmacy, Mullingar, a few small diet changes can make you more energetic and alert.

Healthy weight loss: Curves 30 day guide

For healthy weight loss try the Curves 30 day guide. Phases 1 and 2 are the 30-day weight loss phases. After 30 days phase 3 gives your body a break to enable you to maintain your weight loss and allow your metabolism to recover.

Heart health awareness campaign at Evergreen

Heart Health Week is currently running at all five Evergreen Healthfoods stores and, to coincide with today’s World Heart Day, it is running an awareness campaign to promote heart healthy choices.

Most local men want to deflate their tummies

More than nine out of 10 Galway men would like to deflate their tummies if it were possible, according to a new survey.

The important link between immunity and digestion

What do food intolerances, allergies, IBS, cancer, asthma, hayfever, coeliac disease, behavioural issues, and countless other increasingly common conditions all have in common? They are all symptoms of immune system dysfunction. Not many people realise this but approximately 70 per cent of our immune system resides in the gut, which is why probiotics — ‘good’ bacteria — has become such a buzzword in recent times, and need to be replaced after taking a course of antibiotics. Many people develop food intolerances or are even diagnosed with coeliac disease after suffering from viruses or similar immune dysfunction. This is because the good flora in the gut, which is so important for healthy digestion, has often been affected by the illness or even the medication for treating it.

Could sunshine save your life?

It seems that low levels of vitamin D are being linked to a growing range of health problems. Research from Bristol University in the UK showed that pregnant women with higher levels of vitamin D had taller, stronger-boned children. Other research has suggested that lower levels of vitamin D in childhood could be linked to a greater risk of developing multiple sclerosis. Researchers have also linked insufficient vitamin D to heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure, various forms of cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.

The truth about weight loss

With System 10

The truth about weight loss with System 10

The truth is there is only one correct way to lose weight and that is by speeding up your metabolism. When you do this you burn more fat every hour, 24 hours a day. Nothing beats that for weight loss.


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