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'The days of enduring anti-social behaviour are coming to an end'

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After several years of speaking out strongly about anti-social behaviour and illegal dumping in Galway, finally there is a strategy in place which should put an end to this deplorable behaviour.

Town Mayor implores unified approach to quell anti-social behaviour

Athlone Town Mayor, Cllr. Aengus O’Rourke, has implored the adoption of a united approach to quell persistent anti-social behaviour following a fire incident which occurred on Monday.

Enforcement the rules and tackle anti-social behaviour, says McDonnell

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Anti-social behaviour has gone "out of control" in some housing estates in Galway city, "particularly on the east side" of the city, and there is an urgent need for enforcement of rules and support for families.

Escalation of anti-social behaviour concerns city councillor

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A Galway city councillor has expressed his concern regarding the increase in anti-social behaviour in Galway City.

Adoption of bye-laws to curb anti-social behaviour

The formal adoption of bye-laws on the regulation and control of the consumption of intoxicating liquor in public places which received due pertinence at the monthly meeting of Athlone Moate Municipal District has been unilaterally welcomed by local authority representatives who have expressed their aspirations that the introduction of such measures will curb ongoing anti-social behaviour within the town centre.

Escalation in anti-social behaviour incidents now a major concern

Two local Councillors have expressed their deep concern with regard to the escalation of anti-social behaviour on the main streets of Athlone.

Social (and Antisocial) Climbers

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Let there be height you said – and lo there was height, but what happened next? Choosing the right climbing plant for the right structure can be confusing, as the choice is so varied and expanding all the time. The right climber will enhance and beautify, but one that’s too shy or too vigorous for the particular spot it’s intended could well end up being labelled antisocial, through no fault of its own.

Say farewell to Turn @ Róisín Dubh

IT MAY have taken them six years to get around to doing it but Irish indie pop-punk trio Turn are finally playing their long promised farewell tour.


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