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Adoption of bye-laws to curb anti-social behaviour

The formal adoption of bye-laws on the regulation and control of the consumption of intoxicating liquor in public places which received due pertinence at the monthly meeting of Athlone Moate Municipal District has been unilaterally welcomed by local authority representatives who have expressed their aspirations that the introduction of such measures will curb ongoing anti-social behaviour within the town centre.

Farrell demands 'more gardaí on the beat' to tackle anti-social behaviour on city's east side

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It is "madness" that a new major Garda HQ for Galway has opened on the east side of the city, but there are "deep anti-social problems" causing distress to people in areas "within a few minutes drive of it".

Escalation in anti-social behaviour incidents now a major concern

Two local Councillors have expressed their deep concern with regard to the escalation of anti-social behaviour on the main streets of Athlone.

Social (and Antisocial) Climbers

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Let there be height you said – and lo there was height, but what happened next? Choosing the right climbing plant for the right structure can be confusing, as the choice is so varied and expanding all the time. The right climber will enhance and beautify, but one that’s too shy or too vigorous for the particular spot it’s intended could well end up being labelled antisocial, through no fault of its own.

End discrimination against the self employed, says Davoren

Galway West/South Mayo RENUA Ireland candidate Nicola Daveron believes that a healthy state values and assists those who create jobs and wealth.

New playground floodlights helps curb anti-social behaviour

New floodlighting installed at the playground in Coilte and Sruthan Mhuirlinne, near Merlin Castle, had a positive reception by local residents as it has done much to curb anti-social behaviour. However, Independent councillor Terry O’Flaherty has warned that it is imperative to maintain frequent Garda patrols.

Man arrested after engaging in antisocial activity

A Ballina man was before Ballina District Court this week after he breached a civil order which was granted at Ballina District Court in October that prohibited the defendant and another person from engaging in antisocial behaviour.

Civil order granted prohibiting antisocial behaviour

Judge Mary Devins granted a civil order at Ballina District Court this week prohibiting Ann Collins, 124 Greenhills Estate, Ballina, and James Collins, 68 Riverside Drive, Ballina, from engaging in antisocial behaviour—it is an arrestable offence if they breach the order.

Ballina residents give undertaking not to engage in anti-social behaviour

Two members of the same family gave an undertaking at Ballina District Court on Tuesday to not engage in anti-social behaviour.

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