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Gala Concert celebrates forty years of Music for Galway

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Music for Galway, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this autumn, begins its new season with a gala concert next Thursday September 30th, 8pm, at the Town Hall, Galway.

Gardenwise | Keeping Pots Perfect

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It’s the time of year when summer pots and containers can start to look straggly and it can be tempting to think that their season is over and leave them to their own devices. With a little effort and TLC though, you can keep them flowering and looking good for weeks yet, until it’s time to pull them out and replace them with the more sedate winter container plants.

Gardenwise | In Praise of Bigger Borders

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If there is one thing I would love gardeners to consider more often, it’s the need to be generous with your borders.

Gardenwise | Climbing stars – let late summer clematis take a leading role

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They must be one of the most impressive climbing plants, with glorious blooms in a beautiful range of shades, but there’s no denying clematis can be tricky. Winter and spring types can mostly take care of themselves, but summer flowering clematis fall into several different categories, all needing pruning, and if you prune at the wrong time of year, you could lose a year’s flowers. It’s this kind of calendar-watching that puts lots of people off gardening, so my rule of thumb is always to keep it simple and choose things that don’t need to be mollycoddled.

Athlone to celebrate National Heritage Week in true style

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The medieval town of Athlone has taken Heritage Week to its heart this year with an engaging series of events to take place at Athlone Castle from Saturday, August 14 to Sunday, August 22.

Gardenwise | A Gorgeous Garden when you’re not always there

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For many of us, the garden is the first thing we see when we open the door in the morning, or return to our homes after a day’s work. Increasingly, however, I find I’m called on to produce garden plans for second homes, for lots of reasons. The second property might be a holiday let, or a much- needed weekend refuge for city dwellers. It’s often the ‘home house’, originally belonging to parents and now being restored for the next generation to spend vacation time in with their families, keeping them linked to their roots. Sometimes, the plan is to move there altogether during the retirement years, so starting the garden now and allowing it to grow and mature in the meantime makes sense

Gardenwise | Can you have a gorgeous garden by the sea?

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A garden by the sea can be magical. Or windswept, bare and failing to realise its potential. Personally, I’d go for the former if I had one – and lots of people do – we seem to be drawn to towards the coast like a magnet, to live, to holiday, or just to spend a day near the water.

Blissful summer temperatures abound as Fianna Fáil election review awaits publication

Hello to all the Advertiser readers.

Gardenwise | Gardening Scentsibly – choosing the best perfumed plants

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I’m often asked about scented plants. They can pack a powerful emotional punch, reminding you of your mother’s favourite flowers or the blooms from your granny’s garden, so it’s not surprising they’re high on the wish list of lots of my clients.

Cupping therapy at Anne Tobin Beauty Clinic

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Cupping is a body therapy that originated with Chinese Medicine. It involves placing cups on the skin to create suction and positive circulation.


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