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Progressive city like Galway shouldn’t be putting half its stray dogs to sleep, says MADRA as they await answers and commitment from City Council

Local dog rescue charity MADRA has issued a call to Galway City Council to provide them with the wherewithal to reduce Galway city’s unacceptably high dog euthanasia rate. 

Councillors supportive of helping MADRA reduce the number of dogs being put down in the city

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An appeal by Galway based dog rescue and adoption group MADRA for €10,000 in funding from Galway City Council has got a positive reaction from councillors. The local authority is also to investigate the possibility of giving further financial aid to the organisation in the years ahead.

Isn’t it time we stopped killing dogs?

See the picture with this article? It shows about 50 dogs. Not rabid strays. Not unkempt mongrels. All of these dogs in this photo were rescued by MADRA from being “put to sleep” in April alone. In Galway. That’s just one month. If you look at the picture again and double it, what you will see is the approximate number of dogs that are put to sleep in our city pound each year. Funded by ourselves. A sad indictment that so many animals abandoned through no fault of their own have to be killed, no matter how humanely the process is described or how Disneyified the ‘put to sleep” scenario sounds. Bottom line is Fido doesn’t wake up.

A dog can be just for Christmas — foster a MADRA dog this festive season

In normal circumstances, the old adage that a pet is not just for Christmas applies, but that is about to change in the west.

Pet owners warned over high rate of missing animals

Athlone Animal Welfare and Moate Dog Rescue are advising pet owners to be more vigilant regarding the identification and whereabouts of their pets after a rise in the number of lost or stolen animal reports in recent weeks.

Dog rescue charity feeling the bite of insufficient shelter for strays this Christmas

It will be lonely this Christmas for a number of dogs in the Galway area as the Connemara-based charity MADRA struggles to contend with the sudden increase of abandoned dogs being reported in the area. Kennel vacancies and other resources are being stretched at the charity and the number of calls being received by MADRA about neglected dogs is now averaging at 50 per day.

Dumped dog seeks rehabilitation at dog shelter

In a week where a local man was jailed for cruelty to animals, the Carlow Kilkenny Dog Shelter was presented with yet another case of horrifying animal cruelty.


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