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Galway Chamber helping make workplaces safer for all during coronavirus spread

The Corona Virus has the potential to have a serious impact on Galway’s economy over the coming months as infection spreads through communities across the country and abroad.

Four confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the West of Ireland

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The Health Protection Surveillance Centre has this evening said they have been informed of four new confirmed cases of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Ireland.

Town Mayor urges caution against the spread of COVID-19

In light of recent developments pertaining to the arrival of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on these shores, Town Mayor, Cllr. Frankie Keena, has urged the members of the local community to take extra vigilance when either at their place of work, at home or in public places.

Detrimental impact of coronavirus as country still awaits formation of Government

I hope you all survived Storm Jorge. Apparently, the ‘J’ and the ‘g’ are pronounced as ‘h’ so just to make it easy we will call it Storm George.

Five men, five days and 2,000km from France to Knock

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Five men from Mayo, Mullingar and London completed a gruelling five-day, 2,000km, ultra cycling challenge from Lourdes to Knock over the weekend.

Flu is circulating in the community, warns health authority

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People in high risk groups, such as the over 65s and pregnant women, are being urged to get vaccinated against flu. The appeal from health authorities comes as the number of reported cases of influenza-like illness (ILI) nationally has increased in the past week.

Get flu jab, urges HSE West public health chief

Many people in the at risk groups for flu put themselves in danger of contracting a serious illness or even death by failing to get vaccinated, the HSE West’s director of public health warned this week.

Pharmacist urges cold and flu sufferers not to self medicate

People who believe they are suffering from colds or flus are being urged not to self medicate.

Flu vaccination service at Boots

Boots Pharmacy Athlone are delighted to be offering a Winter Flu Vaccination Service.

Facing up to flu

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Every winter it is one of the main topics of conversation. “I had the flu all week.” I’ve a touch of it myself, I’m all blocked up” or “My son is off school with a high temperature”.


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