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Walpurgis Night IV - unleash the metal

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WALPURGIS NIGHT was a May Day’s eve festival when witches met and held revels with their gods to stir up trouble before the spring came. Sounds like a good night to hold a metal gig.

FEAST metal/grindcore gigs at Róisín Dubh

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TWO BRITISH grindcore bands - Human Cull and This Ends Here - play the next FEAST gig tonight, upstairs in the Róisín Dubh, at 9pm.

Two heavy metal bands launch EPs in the Cellar tomorrow

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Two metal bands, Nautilus and Weed Priest, will be launching their new releases in the Cellar tomorrow night.

War Iron to lead Cellar metal night

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BELFAST METAL band War Iron, who formed out of stoner sludge doom band The Naut, play The Cellar underground tomorrow at 9pm.

Noise rock night @ The Cellar

ABRASIVE NOISE-ROCK, alternative rock, and punk will be the order of the night at a show in the Cellar Underground this Sunday at 8pm.

Grandmaster Flash @ Róisín Dubh

Celtic heavy metal

CORK METAL band Sirocco mix thrash metal with Thin Lizzyesque dual guitar harmonies, and a strong Irish folk influence.

The melodic metal behind an enchanting Latin sound

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THE ENERGETIC sound of Túcan could easily be confused with that of a modern Spanish flameco group. With wild contemporary Spanish guitar playing mxed with an obvious passion for heavy metal, this Sligo band have found their niche, and are expanding and tweaking it at a rapid rate. Formed by Donal Gunne and Pearse Feeney from Sligo, the duo have been playing up and down the country for the last couple of years. As a duo playing Spanish guitar it is easy to compare them to the country’s most loved Spanish guitar duo, Rodrigo y Gabrielle, and this only compliments their level of ability. With similar style influences from classic and progressive rock to trad, and the somewhat bizarre mixture of gypsy guitar legends like Django Reinhardt, with progressive rock band Tool, the group have compiled a heavy thumping rock and roll, trad, and folk stomping sound. Energetic, euphoric, and loaded with passion.


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