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Remembering Thin Lizzy at Monroe’s Live

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When Thin Lizzy gained a top hit with Whiskey in the Jar following its release in 1972, it was the beginning of a rich musical legacy that sealed their place as one of Ireland’s leading bands on the worldwide stage. The sheer lyrical talent and presence of vocalist and bass player, Phil Lynott, left an indelible imprint on the international music scene. With a life cut short at the tender age of 36, he had already garnered a global following that continues to this day.

Trad legend Frankie out the other end after cancer scare

When I arranged to meet traditional music legend Frankie Gavin in a quiet corner of the Galmont this week, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d heard he had been seriously ill, had lost a significant portion of his body weight and that wonderful hair, but when he came around the corner, wrapped in a grey tweet coat and scarf, he was the same Frankie I’d ever known. Buzzing with energy and life, a head full of hair and keen to sit down for coffee and croissants to share the story of the last year during which he feared for his mortality.

Hitting the Burren trail with Galway’s Three Amigos

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We are fortunate to live in Galway and to have the Burren within shouting distance. Some 15,000 hectares of a unique landscape that miraculously contain all the major habitats found on this island.

There was only going to be one ‘Lady of the Lamp’ in Crimea

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Week III

Liam Mellows, enigmatic republican and notorious irreconcilable

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William Mellows was born in Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester, where his father, Staff Sergeant William Mellows, was then stationed. His father had ambitions for the son to become the fourth generation of the family to serve in the armed forces, but after they moved back to Ireland, Liam became steadily disillusioned with the British Government. He lived in Dublin for a time and spent a lot of time living in his grandparents' house in Co Wexford, where his mother came from.

Unusual Christmas markets around the world

From life sized gingerbread houses to floating ice rinks, travel experts have named the top ten Christmas markets for tourists to visit around the world.

Banshee boost for Galway sweater store as fans flock to get the Inisherin look

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Boosts in merchandise from the success of the likes of blockbuster movies Stars Wars and Harry Potter have always been predictable, but nobody could have foreseen that Irish bainin sweaters would be the product of desire this winter as a result of a Hollywood endorsement.

Immerse yourself with global music at Songs for an Open Road festival

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Offering an "in depth look at the various hues of melody and rhythm that permeate our planet", the inaugural Songs from an Open Road Festival seeks to "explore the sources and examine the influence of what is often referred to as 'global music' at the three day festival from November 17 to 20.

Galway painter talks about how a Painting a Day became a way of life

A Galway-based painter who bought her first computer in the early noughties, discovered the Painting A Day movement - and kickstarted her professional career as an artist.

Flying the flag for Irish contemporary music

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The Irish work in the programme comes from Deirdre Gribbin. Deirdre has been described as "a charismatic and intriguing new voice in contemporary music." (The Independent). She is Artistic Director of Venus Blazing Music Theatre Trust working with young people with cognitive delays. She has written for film including My Kingdom for Sky Pictures starring Richard Harris. The evening features the magical and mysterious “Merrow Sang” from 2007, which vividly recounts a tale of merrow-maidens emerging from the sea during the burial of one the Cantillon family of Ballyheigue.


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