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Orpheus - Elizabethan style

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THE MYTH of Orpheus, retold through the songs and instrumental music of Elizabethan and Jacobean England, is the stuff of Orfea Britannica, a concert in the Galway Cathedral on Thursday August 6 at 8pm.

Irish mezzosoprano to perform in Mullingar

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The Austrian-German recorder consort VUENV, along with Irish mezzosoprano Sharon Carty present Orfea Britannica on a nationwide tour of Ireland this summer, including a performance in Mullingar Arts Centre, tonight, Friday August 5.

17th century English music to grace St Nicholas’

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THE MYTH of Orpheus has served as an inspiration to poets, musicians, and film-makers and Galway is to be treated to a concert of 17th century English music also inspired by the Greek tale.


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