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Don’t worry, beer hoppy

Irish breweries have been setting the standard for craft beer for years. With the popularity of craft beers on the rise, we have put together a list of craft beers perfect for a Father’s Day gift, all available at Joyce’s Supermarket.

Clay pipes and dúidíns

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In the days before cigarettes were invented, clay pipes were very popular and could be found in most houses in the country. They were mainly used by working class people, easy to purchase, mass produced, cheap and light, and smoked by men and women. The short stemmed version was known as a dúidín or dudeen in Ireland, as a cutty in Scotland, and a ‘nose warmer’ in England. The longer version was known as the Beannacht Dé pipes or ‘The Lord ha’ mercy’ pipe, as that was how people invariably responded when you gave them one, “Beannacht Dé leat”.

‘The sound of the cello, it seems as if it’s coming up from the earth’

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“THE CELLO can be bass, soprano or alto. Its endpin strikes the ground and it seems as if its power and deep sound are coming up from the earth. When played it lies between the musicians legs and they have to embrace it. It’s a very physical thing, it almost becomes part of their body.”

Cellissimo - a music festival for the senses

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THE SOUND of the cello, a pleasure for the ear and appealing to the heart as the instrument many believe is closest in sound to the human voice, will be at the centre of a new festival for Galway.

Dead Centre Brewing aspiring for business growth amid pandemic times

Amid the present uncertainty which has descended upon daily life due to the detrimental impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, one local business has opted for a positive stance and is preparing for the future in progressive mode.

Scéal Ale Sessions: Terrie McEvoy, Ally McGinn and Edita Maciulyte

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Enjoy the perfect girls’ night out at The Skeff Late Bar this Friday, 3rd January. Gather the troop for one last Christmas hoorah before returning to work. Join our host Dinny Cro as he takes to the stage for the second round of his Scéal Ale Sessions. This time he will interview three top Fashion and Beauty experts to hear all about their professional journeys to-date, their life behind the lens, makeup tips, styling tricks, advice for those interested in blogging and their aspirations for 2020.

Treat yourself to an Atlantic break at the Cliffs of Moher Hotel

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There is something wonderful about seaside villages — and it all comes down to the soundscape. My fascination with that noise began with a reading of E. Annie Proulx’s wonderful book The Shipping News which brought the reader into that space where the crashing Atlantic against the rocks of Newfoundland became a character in the narrative. And so it is here in Liscannor, this beautiful space looking out on that same ocean, where the sound of the waves plays an equal part of everyday life.

The boozy origins of everyday words

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CAD É an scéal? is the Irish for 'What's the story?'. It is also the title of an event taking place on Culture Night exploring common words and phrases and their sometimes surprisingly boozy origins.

Ideally located in the centre of Galway city, looking out onto picturesque Eyre Square, The Skeff Late Bar is a monument of the city’s social scene. Soak up the atmosphere of the city over after

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Midweek food specials at The Skeff

Ideally located in the centre of Galway city, looking out onto picturesque Eyre Square, The Skeff Late Bar is a monument of the city’s social scene. Soak up the atmosphere of the city over after-work cocktails, sip on a coffee, or relax with a creamy pint.


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