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Use internet tools to develop your business

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Leading Irish internet strategist, Aileen O’ Toole will address businesses from Athlone and the Midlands at a business information seminar hosted by and Westmeath County Enterprise Board taking place in The Sheraton Athlone Hotel on Tuesday June 21 from 12.45pm to 5.30pm.

In the end the Mayos didn’t say much

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In the early 1990s the Mayos in Galway were getting so uppity that it was decided that action would be taken. It is believed that Seamus Keating, the legendary Galway city and county manager, and a Tipperary man to boot, was never slow in taking the hard decision. Exasperated by the controls exerted by the Mayos, their prestigious positions in all walks of life in the city, their swagger about the place, and the whingeing by the few Galwegians left on his staff at the unfairness of it all, one day he pressed the red button on his desk.

Up the pole-the beauty contest begins

So the race is finally on. All the months of planning, strategising and getting the make-up on for the photographers comes to fruition as the images appear on every pole and roadside inside and outside the borough boundary.


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