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European Silver medal for Eoghan Grady

Eoghan Grady, a member of Castlebar Swimming Club was selected to represent Ireland at the European Junior Lifesaving Championships which took place in the Adriatic resort of Riccione, Italy last weekend. He secured a silver medal in the beach run and surf swim at his debut in European competition.

The Irish sang When Johnny Comes Marching Home...*

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Stephen Speilberg’s magnificent film Lincoln made it clear that the Northern States of America, the Union, had justice and right on its side, when it came to deal with the cotton-based slave states of the south. Washington had objected to their attempt to enlarge its slave industry further west. Southern states were enraged at this interference. In an appalling miscalculation some states began to leave to Union, set up their own Confederacy (eventually including 11 states), and prepared to fight for its freedom to choose its own destiny.

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Errázuriz, Wild Ferment Chardonnay Casablanca Valley 2009 (Independents €19.99)

Swim in the idyllic waters of Croatia for Croí

Local heart and stroke charity Croi invites you to participate in an amazing new swim challenge which takes place in Croatia from August 4 to 10.

Croatian swim challenge to raise funds for Croí

Local heart and stroke charity Croí, has just announced details of an exciting new challenge as part of its fundraising portfolio of events for 2012.

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Jacob’s Creek Reserve Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2007 (Widely available, €12.99)


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