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Burglar who targeted isolated home is jailed

A district court judge described as “outrageous” the explanation given by a prolific burglar who claimed his motivation behind breaking into isolated houses, and taking up to €4,000 worth of property, was that he was “short of cash”.

Man given six months suspended for dealing drugs to feed alcohol habit

A 33-year-old man who sold drugs to pay for his chronic alcoholic problems received a six months suspended sentence and warned to seek help for his difficulties.

Mum jailed for ‘shocking’ thefts from the vulnerable

A district court judge described as “shocking” the actions of a woman who deliberately targetted the vulnerable by stealing handbags from people in hospital, one from a woman who had been praying in a church while receiving treatment for a serious illness, and taking charity boxes from a number of premises.

Judge warns of increase in vulnerable people being used in drugs trade

A district court judge has warned that there is an increasing incidence of people with no previous convictions being used for drug dealing and other criminal activities by those higher up in the chain.

Three men caught breaking into Fishery Fields office for scrap, court hears

Three men who were caught-red handed breaking into the Office of Public Works at Fishery Fields in search of scrap to sell on received suspended sentences and fines at Galway District Court on Monday.

Man found with counterfeit driving licence jailed

A man who persistently drove with a counterfeit Romanian driving licence, once driving into a roundabout while drunk, has been jailed for eight months and disqualified from driving for six years.

Trio sentenced after failing to contest obstructing passage while begging charges

Three women who denied standing in a line blocking half of a very popular city centre street and begging from people struggling to get past failed to contest the charges at Galway District Court this week, with one being jailed for a month while the others received suspended sentences.

Christmas shoppers targetted by professional pickpockets

Two women, part of a professional pickpocketing organisation, were both sentenced to seven months in jail for targetting unsuspecting Christmas shoppers during two trips to Galway, and stealing more than €400 of hard earned cash.

Man fined for obstructing passers by with picture of Jesus

A man looking for divine intervention in his search for work was fined at Galway District Court this week for obstructing passers by with a picture of Jesus.

Man spits and hits garda in groin, court hears

A garda was forced to use his baton to defend himself and restrain a man who spat twice in his face before striking the garda in the groin, the Galway District Court heard this week.


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