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‘Spare tyres’ and other Christmas leftovers!


Trim your tum in seven days

Would you would like to lose your stomach fat and get a great looking waistline? The answer is to burn real fat, lots more real fat! Unfortunately nearly all weight loss plans burn very little fat.

Waiting list for inch loss treatment

What if you could drop a dress size without any of the dieting or hard work? What if exercise wasn’t the only way to slim down and tone up?

Ultimate Body Night at Therapie

Come along to the Ultimate Body Night at Therapie Clinic, Athlone on Friday May 24 from 4-8pm and you’ll get 20 per cent off all courses of body treatments and products.

Waiting list for fat freezing treatment after Xposé visit

Therapie Clinic, Galway, has told us that the waiting list for its fat freezing treatment has reached new lengths after TV3’s Xposé showed their interest. Lisa Cannon visited the flagship Therapie Clinic in Dublin last week and did a story on the treatment, sending demand soaring.

Have you heard about Cooltec?

Have you heard about the new fat-freezing treatment available at Therapie Clinic, Shop Street, in Galway? TV3's Xpose heard all about it last Wednesday, trying the treatment and featuring it on the show.

Athlone slims down with new fat-freezing treatment

Therapie Clinic, the prestigious laser hair removal and skin clinic, located across the road from the Fair Green car park, at Fairview Terrace, has reported a record demand for their new, fat-freezing treatment, Cooltec.

Transform your body with a revolutionary new treatment

Are you fed up of those lumps and bumps? Perhaps you do all the right things and exercise regularly but still cannot banish fat from some areas. Whether abdominal fat, back fat, or other areas, a new treatment available at Therapie Clinic will freeze, break down, and eliminate stubborn fat cells, reducing fat by up to 40 per cent after one treatment.

Belly fat is more active than you think

No one who wants to feel comfortable and look good in Levi’s likes having a flabby middle. But there’s another, more urgent reason to be wary of abdominal fat: While it may seem to just be sitting there, dumb as a doughnut, around your waist, belly fat is actually very active, releasing more than 30 substances into the blood stream.


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