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Matt Molloy to perform as part of Westport Arts Festival

Can you imagine what it would feel like to win a Grammy award? Now, imagine having six of them! Matt Molloy, along with The Chieftains have just that – having won Grammy awards for Best Traditional Folk Album, Best World Music Album, Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals, Best Traditional Folk Album (twice) and Best Contemporary Folk Album.

New laws to curb drinking alcohol in public to come before city council

Consuming alcohol in public parks or on beaches could see fines of €100 being imposed on drinkers, with failure to pay resulting in hefty increases of €1,500 and conviction before the District Court.

Liquor bye-laws enforced by local authority for county towns

We should ban the selling of alcohol in supermarkets and this would go some way towards solving some of the problems associated with drinking in public places.

Taste of the twenties at the Dail

Step back in time to the era of prohibition, illegal speakeasies, and bathtub gin, of gangsters and silent film stars. While hot jazz was sweeping the country, hemlines were rising with the heat. Now is your chance to recreate the past, as the Cotton Club arrives at The Dáil Bar this November 5 at 10pm. There is an open invitation to all cool cats, and hot chicks, to go along to the swankiest joint in town.

The twenties comes to The Dáil Bar

The 1920s was a time of hot jazz, prohibition, illegal speakeasies, a bathtub gin, gangsters, and silent film stars, now Galway will have a chance to experience it again.


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