Whistles and laughter with PJ Gallagher

Although Naked Camera revolves around the antics of three comedians, it is PJ Gallagher who has stolen the show with the two unforgettable characters he has created.

PJ Gallagher - the man behind Jake Stevens and The Dirty Auld Wan - headlines The Laughter Lounge in the Róisín Dubh this Wednesday December 10th, at 9pm.

Gallagher’s character of Jake Stevens is a slightly sinister fellow who whistles as he talks and often brandishes a rolled up paper in his hand. The Dirty Auld Wan does exactly what she says on the tin - a foul mouthed senior citizen with a mind that is (as Hyacinth Bucket would say ) “sliding into an abyss of moral turpitude”.

Gallagher’s live shows are not for the faint hearted as this madcap ball of energy skips nimbly between the lines of high-octane comedian and escaped lunatic.

Support is from locally based comedian Bob Hennigan, winner of the Father Ted New comedy Award 2008. On the open spot will be Cathal Murray. The guest MC will be the ever excellent Paddy Courtney.

Next up at The Laughter Lounge on December 17 is Damian Clark from I Dare Ya!, Eric Lalor, and special guest MC Hector Ó hEochagain.

Tickets are available from the Róisín Dubh and Zhivago.


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