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Nutritional and medical ways to improve your fertility with Dr Marilyn Glenville and Dr Eithne Lowe

Boost fertility and prevent miscarriage with nutrition

Discover the many health benefits of good nutrition

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Are you hoping to conceive? Would you like to identify the best diet, supplements and lifestyle factors to maximise your chances of getting and staying pregnant, and also to prevent miscarriages?

She’s Inspired - Cathriona Hodgins

Are you struggling to lift the winter comfort eating habits? The bloating, digestive upset and low energy that comes with it?

Find out what foods are making you sick, tired, and overweight

What foods turn off your metabolism? The Raw Food Coach offers blood analysis to help you find out.

The role of magnesium in the body

Most people are aware of the important role of calcium in the body. But magnesium goes hand in hand with calcium, especially for good bone health and to ensure proper nerve impulse transmission.

Chaos in Catalonia and reflections in Tallaght

Well, Catalonia is bubbling away, and increasingly looking serious. I had thought that somebody would intervene and bring the two sides together where there could be meaningful debate, but somehow that has never happened and I fear now that Spain is going to move in with its heavy-handed diplomacy again and the result will be even more chaos.

Fresh start detox retreat with The Raw Food Coach

Do you feel tired, sluggish, stressed, and need a recharge? Try the fresh start detox retreat with Yvonne Duffy O'Shaughnessy.

Tips to achieve healthy and shiny hair

Healthy, shiny hair is appealing and is very much a reflection of inner health and adequate nutrient intake.

Nutritionist Sinéad Bradbury teams up with SuperSubs

Did you ever wonder what the benefits of vine tomatoes were? Or how having a good night’s sleep helps your work life balance? What do magnesium and omega 3 do to help you with your daily routine, or what are the most natural ways of getting anti-oxidants or anti-inflammatories into your daily food intake? More importantly how can you get all these vital ingredients for a healthy lifestyle into a busy daily routine where food on the move is playing a bigger part in how we consume our meals throughout the day?

Boosting your mood and memory

Do you sometimes find that you remember things from the past but forget what you did yesterday? Do you have mood swings and become angry or upset easily?


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