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Sexing up Greek myths and facing down the bank

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THERE ARE those for whom being a poet is, to paraphrase Angela Carr’s fine poem ‘Occupied’, “the new black”. If you are young and fit, all you need do is write long poems about what is going on at street level and wave your arms around when you read them.

Remembering The Great War’s fallen Irish through art

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THE CENTENARY of the First World War has prompted many commemorations of, and fresh reflections on, that vast and cataclysmic conflict. Here in Ireland it has occasioned a reclaiming of the history of the many thousands of Irishmen who served and died in the war and whose stories had largely been erased from official memory until recent years.

The realities of War

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Blow out, you bugles, over the rich Dead!

David Jones: The Poet as ‘Maker’

Poet, artist, and essayist David Jones (1895-1974) belongs to a recognisable group of British visionaries that includes William Blake and Mervyn Peake, whose work eludes categorisation.

Theatre review: The Silver Tassie

DRUID HAVE taken on some challenging productions in recent years, with works like the epic DruidSynge cycle and Eugene O’Neill’s searing classic Long Day’s Journey Into Night.

Blasphemy, poetry, and having your say

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When it comes to the relationship between poetry and political/social issues most people would instinctively concur with the English poet, novelist, and playwright Adrian Mitchell.


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