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The Office Quiz with Ewen MacIntosh

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THE OFFICE was first broadcast on BBC2 in 2001. Created and written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, it centred on the lives of employees at the fictional Wernham Hogg Paper Company, with Gervais playing central character David Brent.

Exit interview question has

Q: I’m leaving this company after three years. Three years of my life I will never get back. The place is chaotic beyond belief. Rick Gervais wrote The Office, and I loved it, but Wernham Hogg Paper Company isn’t a patch on this place. Everyone knows it but no one wants to starts the change. The exit interview looms. I’d like to cut loose for the sake of the good people still stuck there. Should I? I’ve got a job in a similar company but one with a better reputation as a place to work. (DT, via What’s App).


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