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Speech and drama training — the key to natural self confidence

Speech and drama classes are rooted in encouraging students to develop a love of literature, poetry, and drama, and improving their standard of communication through the spoken word. The Garvey School of Speech and Drama works at developing students' self-confidence and a broad range of essential life skills that will support them in the future.

Personal development course at Olive Whelan

There are few of us who wouldn’t change some aspect of our personal or professional selves. Perhaps we would like to be more confident, better organised, sharper communicators, or less stressed. Wouldn’t it be nice to be more comfortable in ourselves? Good self-esteem and self-confidence are fundamental to living a healthy successful lifestyle.

Ten ways to boost your child’s self esteem

1. Parents can play a major role in building their children’s self esteem. If you want your child to be positive and confident lead by example. Aim to be a good role model of someone with a positive self image. If you feel inferior and hard done by you transmit this to your child in your comments, attitudes and reluctance to embrace change and challenges.


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