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Cell Explorers— Burst the myth of the mad scientist

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What do you see when you think of a scientist? An old man, with crazy white hair, wearing a lab coat and goggles while covered in a cloud of smoke? This is the classic perception that many people might have. Cell EXPLORERS will address this mad scientist stereotype in their new workshop at the 2016 Galway Science & Technology Festival from the 14-27 November.

Convergence starts tonight with aim of transforming Galway to low-carbon society

Paving the way to Galway’s transformation to a more equitable, resilient and low-carbon society, Convergence, the longest running Sustainable Living Festival in Ireland, is coming to Galway for the second time from October 20-28. Recognising that citizens, communities and many people across all sectors are engaged in developing new approaches to sustainable living, Convergence 2016 invites everyone committed to creating a greener, more resilient and low carbon future to participate.

Sinus relief with acupuncture

As the weather gets damper sinus sufferers can feel the all too familiar symptoms of facial pain, breathing difficulties, head pressure, stuffy noses, and foggy thinking. If this is you do not despair – sinus and sinusitis can be naturally treated with acupuncture, acupressure, and Chinese herbs.


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