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NUI Galway seeks 1,000 participants for irritable bowel syndrome study

Researchers at the School of Psychology at NUI Galway are seeking more than 1,000 women who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and other inflammatory bowel conditions to take part in an online study.

Royal Caribbean cruise offers still available for this year – don’t miss the boat

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If you are looking to escape to the sun later this year, Fahy Travel and Royal Caribbean have some amazing value offers still to be had.

An atypical heavy trio for FEAST

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HAILING FROM Ostia, near the 'Eternal City' of Rome, Zu are an atypical trio of drums, electric bass, baritone saxophone, and electronics. It may be the strangest gig FEAST has yet organised, but all the more reason to go see it.

Pizza M brothers to compete in Pizza World Championships

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Matteo, Marco, and Sean Magnetti of Pizza M, Joyce’s Knocknacarra, will be putting their skills to the test when they take part in the Pizza World Championships in Italy next week. Competitors from all over the world will get together to compete in the annual event, which takes place in Parma from May 8 to 10.

Galway and Rome film students join forces

Galway City of Film has announced a new partnership project with Rome City of Film to share knowledge and expertise among the filmmakers of the future.

Mayo's Bon Secours inmates

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In a little under five years time, Ireland will roll out the red commemoration carpets for a year long celebration to mark the centenary of the Irish Free State. In the decades preceding the independent state, unionist politicians and their constituents vigorously, and even militantly, opposed any form of self-determination for Ireland as they believed Home Rule under a Catholic majority would mean Rome rule. The fears of those unionists were realised. The Free State, like the British state before it, inadequately supervised Catholic institutions tasked with caring for sections of Irish society and thereby put at risk the very children of the nation that independence was destined to cherish. The Free State's successors were equally culpable of neglect as each fed its own citizens to an ultra conservative, practically unregulated, system of 250 Church-run industrial schools, reformatories, orphanages, hostels and homes from the 1920s up until the 1990s. Since the 1990s, criminal cases and inquiries have established that thousands of children were abused by hundreds of priests and several Catholic religious orders were found to have participated in or concealed child abuse. 

Paul Brady to perform at NUI Galway alumni awards on campus this weekend

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Singer songwriter Paul Brady will perform at the 2017 Alumni Awards to be held in the university this weekend at an event hosted by award winning TG4 news anchor Eimear Ní Chonaola will host this year’s Gala Banquet featuring the 2017 Alumni Awards ceremony.

People just want to get home — time to sort our traffic

It’s nice to be a table-topper. To be perched there among a group of your peers and looking down at all those ranked below you, committing the sin of pride. Top of the table. Ahead of the rest.

The knights ride to the rescue

I have written before about the woeful lack of ambulances that serviced the old Central Hospital, especially in the 1930s. That shortage became acute during the war. Because of the severe rationing of petrol, and the unavailability of spare parts, for a long period only two ambulances were available for the whole county. As they were frequently on the road simultaneously there was no reserve vehicle to answer any emergency.

Be My Rugby Valentine

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Valentine’s can be tough for the devout rugby fan and a good boyfriend. You wait all season for the greatest rugby tournament in the world to kick off but miss your team for the holiday. What is a rugby lover supposed to do if your partner has no interest in oval balls?


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