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Are you letting stress affect your weight?

You may have noticed a link between being stressed and your weight. When you are rushing around and feeling stressed you may also be doing one of several things such as; missing meals, reaching for sugary snacks when your energy is low, consuming more caffeine, abandoning exercise because you feel too tired or too busy, or not getting enough sleep, which in turn are leading you to gain weight.

Tackling tiredness

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When you wake up in the morning do you wish you could stay in bed? Do you feel tired and weary with little appetite for a new day?

Tips on time management with Lee Kavanagh

How many times do we here the words I don’t have enough time?

Make your goals a reality

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A job, healthier finances, a better work/life balance or more quality time with your family. Goals are the starting point of creating a new reality but without proper thought and planning many of them are doomed to failure.

Stressin’ out

Stress. We can’t live with it, but unfortunately for most of us, we also can’t live without it.

Coping with workplace stress

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When you wake up in the morning does your heart sink at the thought of going to work? Does facing exacting deadlines, a bullying boss or unco-operative colleagues fill you with dread and fear?

Coping with Christmas stresses

Many of us would admit to feeling stressed at certain times in our lives and Christmas, an expensive and busy period for most of us, is being forced upon us earlier each year, prolonging the agony. Christmas is supposed to be a joyful and happy time filled with merriment and feelings of goodwill but the reality is that this tends to be the most stressful time of the year for most people. Financial pressures, increased workload, and family obligations can add to what is already a stressful existence for people and many are not even aware of how stressed they really are. There are a number of symptoms that may indicate an elevation in stress levels. The most common of these are:

Coping with life

When you wake up in the morning do you wish you could go back to sleep? Does getting through each day seem difficult and exhausting?


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