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Humble Works for Humble People

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Our illustration today is of the inner part of Galway Bay and shows the piers and harbours therein. It is one of the images in a new book entitled Humble Works for Humble People written by Noel Wilkins, a retired professor of zoology who has a number of titles to his name already, many of them dealing with County Galway. This book explores the history of the fishery piers and harbours of County Galway and north Clare. It is a scholarly but eminently readable testament to these piers as feats of engineering, but it also gives us a wonderful account of the human aspect that shadowed their construction, and finally it describes beautifully the maritime activities that gave life to the west coast — kelp making, fishing, turf distribution, and sea-borne trade.

How the collector becomes The Bookman

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THERE ARE an infinite number of reasons why people buy books, but at the risk of generalisation, two reasons stand out: people who buy books to read them and those who buy books to collect them. While the former will most certainly read their purchases, the latter will probably not read theirs.


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