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'I don't think you can approach anything without having as a consideration the representation of women'

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The Mai is a richly-woven story of four generations of women in one midlands family. At the centre of the household is The Mai, a 40-year-old woman torn between her wayward husband and her family’s happiness in a play that brims with passion and poetry, love and lyricism, heartache and hope.

No respite for Wegians

t was a case of déjà vu for Galwegians on Saturday when they went down to a second consecutive defeat at the hands of Highfield in their return fixture in Cork in UBL Division 2A.

Is there wisdom in your dreams?

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Why is it that everybody has to dream?

Back pain sufferers wanted for research programme

People who are unable to work or are on reduced work hours due to back pain are being sought to take part in a research programme at NUI Galway.

End your fear of speaking in public

A one day workshop entitled The True You Communicates is taking place near Castlebar on Saturday September 17. This workshop is for people who find it difficult to speak in public, or experience anxiety when all eyes are on them.

Managing change in difficult times

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Have you lost your job? Are you in debt? Is your home under threat? Are you afraid to tell your family just how bad things really are?

Anger management

An anger management programme will start in Ballina Family Resource Centre in October 2010.

Harnessing the positive power of negative emotions

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Most of us, if we had a choice, would opt for positive emotions. Feeling happy, uplifted, excited or eager certainly beats being miserable, cross or anxious you would imagine.

Water crisis should force Galway to have a re-think

The lead drinking water crisis is the city’s second such crisis in a year. While we are told it is confined to specific areas, it is still a cause for concern because it has even more serious implications for public health than cryptosporidium.

Stress/ tension - what can we do about it?

Most of us at some time or other have experienced tension and stress. Anxiety and tension are natural reactions to anything that threatens to upset our happiness and well-being. Sometimes, however, we become tense and anxious when no real danger exists. When we find that emotional upsets occur more frequently and fail to wear off, then it is time to be watchful and to do something about it.

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