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Discover your ideal break in Canada

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Nowhere in the world offers the diversity of cities, nature, and scenery quite like Canada. A Canadian holiday offers the ultimate holiday experience, perfect whether you want to experience cosmopolitan cities, mountain ranges, or the amazing French Canadian culture.

Heartbroken and devastated — Enda’s dream ended by broken mast

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For New Year’s Day we had an interesting log ready to go. It included resolutions to take less risk with life, The Pacific Ocean, looking forward to Cape Horn - and delectably delighted to be back in the Vendee after a hard three weeks in the Indian Ocean. Then ‘wham’, and within a few hours the mast, and my dream came tumbling down.

‘What part of Galway is Ireland situated?’

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By the 16th century Galway was a compact, well laid out town with handsome buildings. The wealth of the Tribal families, built up over decades of canny and adventurous trade, was reflected in their luxurious homes; fragments of which, in delicate carved limestone, remain around the old town.

Don't throw away your old footballs

Hundreds of old, punctured, deflated, and unusable GAA footballs will form the centrepiece of a new art project aimed at raising awareness about the pollution currently affecting aqua and marine culture worldwide.

Taking on the world... and winning

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In a room filled to capacity, with almost 2,000 budding culinary writers and publishers in attendance, Galway author Michael O’Meara sits on the edge of his seat and thinks.

Seahorse Aquarium Galway — catering for all your fish keeping needs

Have you ever wanted to keep real Nemo and friends but had no idea where to go to purchase your own Nemo Aquarium? Well Seahorse Aquariums Galway is the place to visit. Seahorse Aquariums, an aquatic specialist store, caters for the novice to the expert fish keeper.

Mexican food - it’s so hot right now

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There is something hot happening in Ireland — Mexican food, one of the biggest food trends of recent years, has gone mainstream, and shows no signs of cooling down just yet. 


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