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‘I’m a rambler, a roamer, a gypsy at heart’

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Midge Ure can look back on a 40 year musical career of no little achievement - co-creator of classic hit singles 'Vienna', 'Fade To Grey', and 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' and helping pioneer electro-pop with Ultravox and Visage - but this is only part of the Scotsman's story.

'You have to take life seriously. It needs more respect than we give it'

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Kristin Hersh has a very definite memory of Galway, not the year, but of an experience of the city. “I played a festival here,” she recalls. “There were Japanese drummers, I was watching them at the Spanish Arch, with the sun setting. They were like trapeze artists, but without the trapeze. That’s my Galway.”

The end of the Galway Line?

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General Robert E Lee’s surrender to the the Union army at Appomattox court house on the morning of April 9 1865, brought the four year Civil War to a close.

Waiting at Tiffany’s on Broadway

In the Diary of September 22 I asked whether the ‘gallant and humane’ Captain John Wilson of the The Minnie Schiffer, who miraculously snatched from certain death 591 passengers and crew from the burning PS Connaught, ever received the ‘elegant service of plate’ especially commissioned for him from the prestigious Tiffany and Co of Broadway, New York. The plate was paid for by the merchants of New York and Boston ‘in appreciation of his gallant conduct at sea’ on that fateful evening October 8 1860.

Racing the Union’s blockade of Confederate ports

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The American Civil War (1861-1865) offered rich pickings to qualified seamen and shipowners looking for quick profits. The Union blockade of southern ports was beginning to have an effect on Confederate trade. But any ship which steamed safely through the blockade could command high prices for its cargo. On the homeward journey, if you were lucky, large profits could be made on a cargo of cotton which was in big demand in Britain.

Did Capt John Wilson ever receive his well earned plate?

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There can be no greater horror for passengers and crew than facing death on a burning ship in a heavy sea, that was sinking by its bow. Which death would you choose? Stay on board and be burnt? Or chance your luck in the waves?

The Dustbowl Revival - all of American music is here

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THE DUSTBOWL Revival could be called an American roots orchestra, fusing the sounds of bluegrass, swing, hot jazz, pre-war blues, southern soul, and New Orleans funk.

Saul Williams - a 'radiant creative force'

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SAUL WILLIAMS has been called "the data-age Gil Scott-Heron" and "a radiant creative force" by, as well as "a poet at heart" who "resists easy categorization", by Pitchfork.

Stomptown Brass - a New Orleans via Dublin sound

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THEY MAY hail from Dublin but Stomptown Brass's musical roots are firmly in the New Orleans tradition of street-stomping horn players, as can be seen when they play the Galway International Arts Festival next month.

Galway Gospel Choir to sing Dixieland gospel

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THE GALWAY Gospel Choir will perform Dixieland gospel classics in the Nuns Island Theatre on Wednesday June 8 at 8pm.


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