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Album review: Sea Pinks

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SEA PINKS' last album, Soft Days, was solid, but lacked a true stand-out song. Watercourse has no such trouble though, as this new album from the Belfast trio boasts several great moments.

Sea Pinks - Belfast indie-rock trio for Róisín Dubh

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THE INTERPRETATION of music, and how it impacts on people is highly subjective. Belfast's Sea Pinks are a case in point. calls them "akin to The Go-Betweens if they were born in a slightly colder climate".

Girls Names - restless post punk explorations

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GIRLS NAMES have never been content to stay in one musical spot for too long. They have long been restless, eager to explore the past, which in turn, has conversely open avenues to the future. They are an ever evolving prospect.


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