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Mathematics — mastery or minefield

Is your child’s maths performance below par? Is it affecting her confidence and outlook? Is he a little at sea, or is maths a total minefield?

Dropping maths after the mocks

By now, most of the mock results are back, and for many students this means reconsidering whether or not to remain doing specific subjects at honours level (H) or changing to ordinary level (O). This is particularly relevant with maths, given that there are 25 bonus points to be attained if you achieve a H6 (40 per cent).

Get your exam preparation off to strong start this New Year with a comprehensive revision maths course

The New Year has arrived, and it is time to get serious about your exams. Students preparing for exams should think carefully about the benefits of a structured revision course.

Overcome maths anxiety

Many parents report that their child has been doing well at maths but suddenly finds a topic in school difficult. Further exploration usually reveals that a big stumbling block for many students in primary school is fractions. In order to approach fractions, a student needs a solid grasp of the four operations on which all maths is built – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Without fluency in these basics, it is much much harder to tackle fractions (or decimals and percentages).


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