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Tony Law - surreal, absurd, shouty

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SURREAL, ABSURD, shouty, yet powerful nonsense, that is also not without meaning, will be the order of the day when Tony Law, "the King of post-modern nonsense", according to The Daily Telegraph, returns to Galway.

Who is coming to the Róisín Dubh Comedy in 2019?

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IF COMEDY was a religion, Róisín Dubh would be Mecca, the Vatican, or Jerusalem. OK, maybe it is more like Knock, but one thing for sure, it is arguably the home of comedy in the west of Ireland.

Róisín Dubh Comedy presents Comedy KARLnival with Karl Spain and friends

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The Comedy Karnival will kick off next Tuesday (and every Tuesday) with Karl Spain and friends Tom O’Mahony, Tomie James, and Margaret McHugh at Róisín Dubh.

Comediversity - difference is beautiful

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COMEDIVERSITY IS a diverse night of comedy which recognises that sometimes, for whatever reason, comedy lineups are seldom as diverse as they could possibly be.


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