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‘The sacred sound through which all creation resounds’

Physicists tell us everything that exists can be traced to a supposed single point of infinite density, called a singularity, that exploded some 14 billion years ago, and has been expanding ever since, giving rise to both space and time, ants and elephants, galaxies and hummingbirds, and, of course, you and me.

Lord Of The Flies at the Black Box

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Galway’s Heart’N’Crown Theatre Co are bringing William Golding’s award-winning classic Lord Of The Flies to the Black Box Theatre next week, on Monday November 17 and Tuesday 18.

Theatre reviews: Galway Arts Festival

WEEK ONE of the Galway Arts Festival delivered some memorable productions from both home-based and visiting companies in plays that dealt with such diverse themes as familial neuroses, under-age sex, the Iraq war, murderous teenagers, and a property tycoon who wants to sing like Beniamino Gigli.


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