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Galway city manager post could be abolished under new report

The post of Galway city manager could be abolished while the powers of the Tuam, Loughrea and Ballinasloe town councils could be greatly reduced if the recommendations of a new report are implemented fully.

Westport nominated for award

The town of Westport is celebrating its nomination as a finalist in the 2011 UK Urbanism Awards, in category of Great Town for the UK and Ireland.

O’Gara releases Ipswich murders DVD

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Local man Noel O’Gara has released a DVD, The Ipswich Prostitute Murders, regarding the murders of five prostitutes in Ipswich in 2006.

Cinema Review - Edge of Darkness

It has been nearly eight years since Mel Gibson has been in front of the camera and his performance in Edge of Darkness is stellar, it’s just a pity that there were too many conspiracies and cover-ups squeezed in which were confusing and annoying at times.

Sport, shopping and fine dining, Manchester has it all

The Mancunian football rivalries may be bitter, but what unites football fans throughout Manchester is their passion. It’s a sport that defines the city, and when match day comes, you can sense the excitement everywhere. And while sport is synonymous with Manchester, its shopping is equally impressive. That’s what I learned on a whirlwind media trip to Manchester where we marvelled at the sights and sounds of Old Trafford, the Northern District and two of Manchester’s top eateries. If you and your partner are thinking of booking a weekend away, Manchester won’t disappoint.

Grass roots

Local Government is often the butt of many jokes: from the depiction of gombeen councillors in RTE’s Hall’s Pictorial Weekly through to Pat Shortt’s more recent comic creation of Councillor Maurice Hickey there has been quite a lot of comic material emanating from local council chambers.

Thousands are sailing

I have been intrigued over the years by the large volumes of people travelling weekly across the water to support, in the main, Glasgow Celtic and English soccer teams. No expense is spared it seems as these die hard supporters make their weekly pilgrimages to London, Manchester, or Liverpool. My 10-year-old son, Johnny, is a supporter of Liverpool so I decided to source a couple of tickets for a home match in Anfield as a Christmas present. I booked the flights last December. Departure was from Knock on Saturday morning with the return flights booked for Sunday lunchtime. I discovered, however, sometime in mid January that Sky Sports, which dictates when matches are played, had moved this fixture to Sunday which meant I had to re-book our flights. When I realised what Ryanair wanted to charge me to change my scheduled flights, I decided to stick with my outbound journey and book separate flights home on the Monday. With an arrival time of 10.45am in Liverpool and loads of time to kill I managed to secure two tickets for the Manchester v Blackburn game on the Saturday evening in Old Trafford. Johnny had got lucky!

Students create peace path for Castlebar riverside walk

Students from Holly Lodge Girls' College, Liverpool; Davitt College in Castlebar, and the Istituto D'Istruzione Superiore in Roseto, Italy with the help from Ryanair Europe’s largest low cost airline are transporting a 13 piece mosaic path to Castlebar in Ireland to celebrate World Peace. The Peace Path will be laid on the new Castlebar Riverside Walk.

County manager role should be abolished

Labour Party candidate for the Kilkenny City area, Sean Butler, has welcomed the vision set out by his Party for local government reform, saying the county manager role should be abolished. "For far too long the role of local government has been overlooked in Ireland. We should start with democratic accountability being returned to local councillors.

Dirty Dusting at the Town Hall

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Arriving next week in the Town Hall is hit comedy show Dirty Dusting starring Adele King (Twink). This is a hilarious play about three pensioner cleaners who start a telephone sex line...and that’s when the fun really begins.


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