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Farewell to Ramadhan 2010

This Thursday/Friday, Muslims in Galway will join their fellow Muslims around the world to celebrate the Islamic festival of Eid-Fitr.

Galway Ahmadiyyas hope new mosque will be a ‘symbol of peace’ and understanding

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By the end of this year, Galway will have its first fully recognisable mosque, complete with iconic dome and minaret. It is a building which will break new architectural and cultural ground in the city, and one the Ahmadiyya community also hope will create bonds of friendship between Muslims and people of all faiths Galway.

Fundraising event for Afghan women

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan is a political/social organisation struggling for peace, freedom, democracy, and women’s rights in Afghanistan since 1977.

County councillors call on Israel to cease ‘disproportionate and savage’ attacks on Gaza

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Israel must respect the basic human rights of Palestinians and cease “the disproportionate and savage use of superior military attacks from land, sea, and air” on the people of Gaza.

To ban or not to ban... the burkha

This is a pertinent question in France at the moment but it has far reaching consequences for other countries too.

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