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When people power meets petrol power

Have ya ever seen the Government move as fast on anything as they did on the head shops. All it took were a few phone calls to Joe Duffy and you didn’t even have to be from Clontarrrrrrrrrrrfff Joe and hey presto, they’re introducing legislation that came into force, not tomorrow, but yesterday. That’s the type of Government ya need. Introducing laws so fast that they’re in force by the time you get to hear about them. All around the country on Tuesday morning, poor Hans and Jurgen and Johann with the funny hair who ran the head shops had to draw up “Closed Til Further Notice” notices so much on the hop they had been caught by our ultra quick fast reacting Government. Mary Harney, a woman who wouldn’t be in the FloJo league when it comes to turn of speed, had the laws in by the time that Hans and Johann and Jurgen had gone to bed, and by the time the dawn broke over the headshops and they looked through the hazy scene that was their lovenest, they were no more. And if Hans and Jurgen and Johann thought they were going to just shut up shop for a few days to give them time to change the name of the legal high to Ohjaysisthisisgreatdylhide, fast Mary had out-thought them on that too. She had the clear head, ya see. She wasn’t smokin’ any of that auld foreign shite. When she’s overseas, she doesn’t go into the brown cafes. No, she goes to the hairdressers and probably the nice muffin shop next door. She wrote into the law that any drugs that have their names changed and that the guards think are a bit funny can be deemed illegal as well, so now go away and put that in your pipe and smoke it, she told them, smug as anything. She might be leaving Granny for 72 hours on a shopping trolley in Casualty our Mary, but she put it to those foreigners with their head shops

Memories of the week when summer

Now that the evenings are getting dark and the end of year is setting in, the city takes on a new complexion. All of a sudden, darkness falls shortly after teatime as the summer city gives way to the winter and the shadows fall like a stage curtain.

Have we any answers yet why Barry was free to kill?

It is a week 30 years ago this week that should stand out as the most endearing image of Galway. On that day, the eyes of the country, if not the world, were on Galway for all the right reasons. It seemed that the youth of Ireland were all attracted here. The event at Ballybrit was a magnet, the pulling powers of which have managed to stay active for the three decades since. Go west, young people, seemed to be the message and this message resonated around the country and around the world.


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