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‘Mummy, What is that man for?’

A story is told that when William Ewart Gladstone, the great 19th century Liberal Parliamentarian and prime minister was on the campaign trail, delivering one of his marathon three-hour speeches, a little girl in the crowd turned to her mother and asked, “Mummy, what is that man for?”

SF ‘bombproof’ for a seat?

Sinn Féin’s chances of taking an EU Parliament seat in the Midlands-North-West constituency have been described as “bombproof”.

‘Ireland took the bullet for Europe when the banks collapsed’

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“Ireland took the bullet for the EU” over the collapse of the continent’s economic and banking institutions, and now “it’s pay back time”, as younger generations should not have to face a future of “austerity in perpetuity”.

FF veteran is Kilkenny’s voice in Europe

In the EU Parliament there are 750 MEPs, only 12 of whom are from Ireland.

Will Dana answer God’s calling and stand for Europe again?

Perhaps it says something about Irish politicians and the Irish public’s attitude to the EU that not one mention has been made in recent times of next year’s European Elections.

Ó Neachtáin goes public on fear of Bonner candidacy

You have to feel sorry for Fianna Fáil North West MEP Sean Ó Neachtáin. He serves the party loyally in Galway and Europe and yet, when it comes to elections, HQ seem to be permanently trying to undermine him.

It’s all hands on Dec as Ganley seeks European seat in North West

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Declan Ganley, the founder of Libertas and the bête noire of Europhiles in Ireland, will run for an EU Parliament seat in the North West constituency in June’s European Elections.

Will Sean Ó Neachtain save Fianna Fáil?

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The man Fianna Fáil has continually, albeit unsuccessfully, tried to shaft, and the man the electorate have successfully shafted twice are the party’s EU Parliament candidates for the North West.

The right woman for the big job

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Maire Geoghegan-Quinn has become the first Irish woman and the first Galwegian to be appointed as an EU Commissioner for Ireland, although her elevation to the job is already shrouded in controversy.


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