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Unlock the secret to success

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve so much in life with what can seem like little effort while others seem to struggle and never quite get what they want? Evelyn Cormican of Blueprint Coaching and Training will be answering this question in her upcoming workshop ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

Why is there a difference between what people know and what people do?

Galway Life Coach David Keane is offering a six week course from May 3 that will enable you to overcome obstacles to success.

Think your way to success

With all the talk about uncertain times and recession, wouldn’t it be good to start considering possibility instead? Galway based life coach David Keane says that people need encouragement when times are tough — there is nothing like a good dose of old fashioned fear to freeze the entrepreneurial spirit in its tracks, and unfortunately there has been no shortage of that in recent times.

NLP for self esteem and performance

The Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology Lifelong Learning Centre is collaborating with Evelyn Cormican, the founder of Blueprint Coaching andTraining to offer a new night course titled “Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) for Self Esteem and Performance”, starting on April 22.


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