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At last... some rain!

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Although it was lovely to bask in the glorious and seemingly endless sun shine of early summer this year, the rain that we’ve had was well overdue and now we need more of it! The lawns are not in the best shape at the moment, the grass has been dormant for weeks with no noticeable growth and more drought resistant weeds have had free reign to flourish and to spread.

Midsummer Blues

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Most of us need more blue in our gardens. This mayseem an odd thing to say but I suspect if you bear this in mind the next time you’re surveying your own garden or indeed someone else's, you might be inclined to agree with me. Pinks and reds, yellows and oranges are inclined to dominate for much of the year and including enough blue to keep a good visual balance can be a challenge. There was a fashion a few years ago for painting anything that didn’t grow in the garden blue, from fences to sheds to benches, and in fact I took it up enthusiastically myself. It can get a little jarring in winter though, so you’re probably better off to stick to subtle greens and neutrals for the furniture and fencing and let the plants add the colour.

A sixties take on A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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MISTAKEN IDENTITIES, fairy folk playing pranks, romance, and mischief, and on this occasion, hippies and free love, all combine in Shakespeare’s wonderful A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Mad Hatter Tea Party and Midsummer Night’s Dream at Belvedere

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Belvedere House and Gardens, Mullingar has organised a fun family day out for next Sunday July 11, to include a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and a very special production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Magic and mirth in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A FEAST of comedy, magic, farce, imagination, and poetry, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is deservedly one of Shakespeare’s best loved plays.

GYT’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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THE WORLD is in chaos. The climate is changing, and the seasons are askew. An uneasy peace has settled on Athens after a war. In the forest, Oberon and Titania, King and Queen of the Fairies, argue bitterly.

Powerful drama leads the line up at the Linenhall

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Galway’s Decadent Theatre brings the compelling and powerful contemporary drama Country Music to the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar on Wednesday October 7 at 8pm. Country Music is a story of crime and redemption. Spanning more than 20 years, this is the life story of illiterate loser Jamie Carris, a troubled 18-year-old whose recklessness leaves him facing a tragic future after being sent to prison for murder. What made this young man a killer? How will he survive the harsh reality of prison life? Can he ever rebuild his life?


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