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City surrendered to Cromwell three hundred and sixty years ago this week

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An important event occurred 360 years ago this week, which changed the fortunes of Galway town forever.

Inishbofin day trip

A day trip to Inishbofin Island is planned for Sunday June 27 departing at 10am from Westport Tourist Office.

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OLIVER CROMWELL is a hugely divisive figure. In Ireland his opinion poll ratings remain even lower than those of soon-to-be-former president George W Bush and only slightly higher than those of that famous Austrian advocate of a very different type of European unity: the late Adolf Hitler.

Cromwell Attacks Kilkenny

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A second storming party under Colonel Hewson was also beaten back. Wounded and dying men lay heaped on both sides of the breach in the wall. Body parts were scattered everywhere.

Cromwell Attacks Kilkenny (Part Four)

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The effects of the fighting on Kilkenny were devastating. Apart from the human cost, many important buildings bore the brunt of the siege and the cruel occupation that followed it. St Patrick’s Church, from which the opening barrages of cannon-fire had rained down on the city, was completely obliterated. Today not a trace of the building remains.


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