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Investigation into NAMA pulls in highest audience figures

A Prime Time Investigates programme on property developers, which was aired this week, received the highest audience figures since the inception of the award-winning series in 2003. Prime Time Investigates – Carry On Regardless by reporter Rita O’Reilly and producer Bill Malone looked at leading NAMA developers who risked billions in the boom.

Bagging Christmas bargains

Picture the scene. It’s late November. You are busy refurbishing your home. Everything is in disarray, even finding two matching killer heeled shoes in the morning is a mammoth task.

Not everybody liked Lady Gregory

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I find it hard to imagine that not everyone liked Lady Augusta Gregory of Coole Park. What few readers there are of the Diary, I am told, sigh with exasperation when they see her name appear. They know that I will eulogise endlessly about how her home at Coole became a ‘workshop’ for writers, poets and artists during those exciting days at the beginning of the last century, leading to such remarkable talents as WB Yeats, John M Synge, Sean O’Casey and others to stand as giants on the European literary stage. She was the co-founder of the Abbey Theatre, its director and organiser during its shaky early days. She was a substantial playwright, journal keeper, folklorist, scholar, etc, etc, and, in my opinion, this amazing Galway woman never got the recognition she deserved.

Mullingar marathoneers raise incredible €0.5m for autism charity

Conceived two years ago, and taking 18 months of planning and 12 months of training for the two men to run the equivalent of five and a half days non-stop from Mullingar to Berlin, yet last Monday (August 2) Gerry Duffy and Ken Whitelaw finally crossed the finish line in Mullingar Town Park to complete the barely imaginable feat of running 32 marathons in 32 counties in 32 consecutive days.

FAI boss John Delaney gives Westmeath soccer thumbs up

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The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) paid Westmeath the ultimate compliment when it sent its CEO John Delaney to the county council’s monthly meeting last Monday to update the members on the state of soccer in the county at the moment.

Child sex abuse images downloaded across Mayo

A shocking Prime Time Investigates programme this week, which provided a scandalous exposé of online criminals who share images of child rape and abuse, has identified Mayo as one of the counties where many such images are being downloaded. Entitled Evil Online the programme listed locations including Balla, Ballina, Ballinrobe, Ballyhaunis, Castlebar, Claremorris, and Westport as areas where individuals accessed such abuse images.

Getting creative in the fight for survival

It may seem like a strange thing to say — especially in light of the claim by a leading stockbroker last week that the country is officially out of recession — but in some ways, this downturn has been good for us. Of course it is awful, terrible in the many ways it is hitting people in the pocket, in terms of job security, the desperate negative equity situation, fear for the future, and the general air of anxiety it has generated in society. At the same time, now that we have grown used to having to put up with all of these new stresses and are no longer playing the designer-name-keeping-up-with-the-Joneses game, we are being challenged on other levels and what is coming to the fore is our creativity.

Crime Ring in probation limbo

Two heroin-addicted sisters, in court separately this week (April 14) on a number of different charges, were both remanded on continuing bail to April 28 and June 23 to ascertain if their claims of rehabilitation can be corroborated by the Welfare and Probation Service (WPS).

What’s in a name when you’re Sweet Jane

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WITH A name like Sweet Jane and a singer called Lydia Des Dolles, you could be forgiven for thinking this Dublin trio took their moniker from one of The Velvet Underground’s best loved songs and were in thrall to a kind of decadent New York 1970s glamour.

O’Connor case a reminder of how vulnerable we all are

The very sad case of Sandra O’Connor reached a sort of conclusion yesterday when her family settled their case against the Galway Clinic.


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