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Buttermilk Lane, 1838

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William Evans (1798 – 1877) was an accomplished English painter who was the drawing master at Eton College. He exhibited widely including with the RHA and in Paris and, judging by the prices on his work, was held in high esteem. A number of his paintings were used as illustrations in books. During 1836 and 1837 he showed 14 Irish subjects at the Old Watercolour Society, all of counties Galway and Mayo. These consisted of a mixture of landscapes, street and quayside scenes, indigenous peasant structures, and peasant portraits. For an English artist, his choice of terrain was highly adventurous, and it could be said that his paintings brought a new area of inspiration to the attention of artists in the UK.

Announcing the launch of brand new website

In today’s current climate where “job losses” are regular words in hourly news reports, what happens to those people who are left with the realisation that tomorrow there’s no alarm call, no struggle in the rush hour traffic, and ultimately no pay packet at the end of the month? Once reality hits home how do those who have fallen on the sword of the recession fill the working week?

Home decorating weekend project

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Here are some decorating project ideas that you can complete in a weekend or less. These are also the types of changes you could make in an apartment or house without risking too much.

Ann Sofi Sidén’s In Passing at TULCA

ONE OF Sweden’s most prominent contemporary artists, Ann Sofi Sidén, will deliver a profound reflection on the abandonment of newborn babies for her exhibition at TULCA.

Jasango Theatre’s debut is a bombshell

Jasango Theatre marks its debut with the Irish premiere of Bombshells, a rip-roaring, explosive and hilarious evening spent with several generations of women on the edge.

Jasango theatre’s debut is a bombshell

Jasango Theatre brings its play Bombshells, a wild and passionate comedy by Joanna Murray-Smith, featuring Angela Ryan and Jasmin Finn and directed by George B Miller to the Passionfruit Theatre, Athlon.


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