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Orsmond Clinic — helping people to make a healthy change to their lives

In recent years men’s attitudes towards healthy living has been changing for the better as the link between expanding waistlines and health difficulties such as diabetes, heart complications, and other problems become more apparent.

Lose weight with hypnosis

People use food to change their mood. Food offers temporary relief from symptoms of depression, loneliness, anger, stress, boredom, etc. Problems begin when these patterns are repeated over time. Consistently repeating patterns ensures that they will continue. It is the repetition that gets them deeply rooted in our long term memory, or subconscious mind, where they take on a life of their own.

Motivation Weight Management Clinic comes to Castlebar

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An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD this week officially opened the new Motivation Weight Management Clinic in Castlebar. Motivation Weight Management Clinics has a unique approach to weight management by looking at why we eat what we eat. The Taoiseach was joined by Robin and Imelda Smith, owners of the Mayo clinic and both former clients of Motivation Weight Management Clinics who collectively lost six stone.

Life changing Croí project benefits eight hundred people in Galway

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A ground breaking project launched in Galway two years ago has proven to be a key factor in changing lives of participants and preventing deaths and disability from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity.

Lose weight permanently with Motivation

Do you suffer with your weight? Are you tired of the physical and psychological pain that being overweight is causing, such as low self esteem, lack of confidence, and withdrawal from fun activities in life? Gerry Kearney from Claregalway answered yes to these questions just a few short months ago and decided to take the step to do something about the excess weight he was carrying.

Healthy eating can make you ill!

In his recent documentary on RTÉ, Philip Boucher-Hayes asked the question “What’s Ireland Eating?” and pointed out that in striving to fill our shopping trolleys with healthy food, we are unwittingly buying food that isn’t as healthy as we think, and is making us ill.

Men’s health evening in Claremorris

A health evening for male carers, organised by The Carers Association and O'Brien's Pharmacy (Unicare), will be held in the McWilliam Park Hotel, Claremorris, at 8pm on Thursday May 12.

Four in ten people in Ireland not aware of signs of bowel cancer

The Irish Cancer Society is once again designating April as national Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and is launching a major awareness campaign encouraging people across Ireland to talk openly about the symptoms associated with the development of bowel cancer.

Lose weight with the Orsmond Clinics

Dr Eva Orsmond is probably best known for her role as RTE’s hugely popular Operation Transformation diet and nutrition expert , her battle to re-educate people on health and fitness is changing hundreds of people’s lives every day.

Enjoy a lighter life with LighterLife

The country is in the midst of an obesity crisis, with obesity affecting one in four women and one in five men. According to the National Obesity Forum many of us have a healthy body mass imagination and what we see in the mirror is not an accurate reflection of our true weight. The forum has been urging people to avoid risking their health for the sake of vanity and to get a real measure of their body mass index (BMI).


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