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Brace yerself for the crazy taxes

Brace yerselves. Tie down everything because when next month comes and April Fool’s Day flies through faster than a flasher in a turnstile, we are set to be royally shafted by the Government in a whole series of crazy new taxes designed to make sure that we keep filling the giant hole in our finances with a watering can.

GMIT accused of ‘shooting the messenger’

Labour candidate for Castlebar Town Council Dr Bernie Courtney has received notification of her removal from the liaison committee between Mayo VEC and GMIT-Castlebar Campus; a somewhat timely occurrence following the controversy the dental surgeon sparked with her recent remarks about the future of the Castlebar campus of GMIT— in that the campus was to be downgraded — comments which were refuted in a statement issued from GMIT.

Where do we go from here?

It’s funny the things that you let yourself get annoyed over.


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