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Are ULA the real Left?

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“Get a mandate!” barked Labour party Rottweiler, Councillor Billy Cameron. This verbal was directed at Dette McLoughlin, the chair of Galway’s United Left Alliance. However as quick as you could say travel expenses, McLoughlin replied: “You have no mandate to implement a household tax, nor to rob the poor to help the rich. If you had any principles you would resign from the Labour Party!”

Pinocchio escapes to Comer for more panto pleasure

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The cast and crew of Deenside Pantomime Society have come together once again for their annual pantomime which is renowned for entertaining the masses for the week in Castlecomer.

How old are your arteries?

A simple new device that clips onto the finger tip can warn if your arteries are putting you at risk of heart disease. In Ireland sudden death claims up to 10,000 lives every year.

Does Fianna Fáil have a future in Galway?

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Many doubted it would come to pass. Many foes were convinced there was a significant hardcore element out there who would find it too difficult to wield the dagger no matter how much they complained about Fianna Fáil. Many party loyalists were deluded into believing that ‘In our final hour of need they will not desert us’.

Frustration gets to judge

A judge threatened to “explode” with frustration in court this week (October 13) over further delays in a “black and white” road traffic case.

Rita Ann Higgins - the fearless poetic voice

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RITA ANN Higgins has been one of the most individual and outspoken voices in Irish poetry for the last 25 years and her poetic journey continues with the publication of the ‘part essay, part rhyme’, Hurting God, a fascinating refection on family, religion, memory, and community.

“Diggin’ Up The Roots Weekend” at Cleeres

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Memories of this year’s Rhythm and Roots Festival will be revived with a full programme of shows at Cleeres this weekend.

Bening, Boosh, and Gazza’s tears - a feast of films at the Galway Film Fleadh

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EIGHT WORLD premieres, 53 Irish premieres, 100 feature films and documentaries, and 115 short films will be screened at the 22nd Galway Film Fleadh which takes place from Tuesday July 6 to Sunday 11.

Cromwell attacks Kilkenny

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(Part One)

Dancehalls, minerals and romance

They were great times back then. Sure we had no money but we didn’t need it. There was no mobile phone to pay for, no CDs or DVDs to buy and we were happy if we had clothes that kept us warm. We only drank minerals so there was no money needed for shots or fat frogs. Fat frogs — I kissed enough of them in my time and none of them turned into princes. We didn’t need money for contraceptives either, sure it cost nothing to say no and all that happened back then was a bit of slap and tickle.


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