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Message to the great unwashed

OK, we're a day into it, A day into realising that while you may lead a horse to water, when he gets there, the fecker's gonna cost you a few bob. On Tuesday we splashed around in the bathroom like an orgy in the last days of Pompeii, but since then, we've been up half the night trying to ensure that the drop dripping from the tap in the kitchen is captured for the tay for breakfast. So what are we to do? How can we live the lifes of post-Celtic Tiger metrosexuals used to our washing and waxing and shaving and conditioning and scents that could kill an ass from 20 paces. How are we going to cope knowing that everytime you hear a flush, your wallet has a bowel movement? The days and nights of the much coiffured sweet smelling high heeled gelled back brigade hitting the clubs may soon be a thing of the past. Good old poor hygiene of the 70s and 80s will come back into vogue. A shower will become a luxury even if you do manage to get three a month. Lattes will replace straight coffees. Spuds will be steamed not boiled, car washes will become car polishes; horses at the racecourse will have to be rubbed down with a wet Babywipe instead of the traditional hosing. And gorse fires will be let burn burn burn. So life as we know it has changed immeasurably. So what can we do to save a few bob. Here are a few tips.

Mario is ready to take centre stage

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Major crowd expected to attend service of remembrance for donor families

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More than 2,000 people are expected to attend the Irish Kidney Association’s 29th annual service of remembrance and thanksgiving which will be held at Galway Cathedral on Saturday at 12.30pm.

Watch Galway short film Don’t You Know Who I Am?

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RICK ROSSI needs to get away. It is a bad time and his future is uncertain. He was living the rock’n’roll high-life, until it all came crashing to a tragic halt when Pete, his friend and band member, died.

Dean Crowe gets dramatic cool look set ahead of RTÉ All Ireland Drama finals

The Dean Crowe Theatre has undergone a dramatic change of colour to a cool grey as it prepares to host the RTÉ All Ireland Drama Finals starting on Thursday May 1.

Great reductions on memberships with Ocean Fitness this month

One of Galway’s premier private health and fitness clubs, Ocean Fitness, is offering €100 off up-front memberships this month only.

New Mercedes-Benz GLA compact SUV arrives

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Within days of its European launch, the first versions of the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLA have started arriving into Ireland.

Lake County tourism and heritage app launched

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The Lake County’s top heritage and tourist attractions will be more accessible to visitors through a brand new free app launched in Mullingar this week.

New app to help future graduates add up points

The first official third level app designed for students to calculate leaving certificate points has been launched by NUI Galway. iPoints - the free app is a must for all Leaving Cert students expecting their results on Wednesday next14 August and is available through iTunes since Tuesday.

Judge gambles with youth’s custody in the hope of making a point

A judge has gambled with the possibility of a young offender absconding for a 13th time this month in the hope of highlighting the lack of appropriate places for such youths.


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