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Vamp up your home without making a single purchase

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Time to be smart, don’t rush to the sale and buy because it has a good price — the sale will be back in a few months. It is better to analyse what you have and make the best of it, you can always look at buying new items in three months if it is really necessary. Determine which items within the room(s) you want to redecorate can be reused, which should be refurbished, and which should be donated to charity or thrown away. Remove the items from the room(s), putting them into three categories — re-use, refurbish, and donate or toss.

Raclette — the DIY cheese dinner

What is raclette? It is an uncooked semi-hard cheese and its name is derived from the French verb racler, which means to scrape. There are lots of factory made raclette cheeses, however the one I am recommending is made by a very famous cheese maker Marcel Petite and comes from the Jura mountain region in France.

Carlow crowned All-Ireland eBay champions

Carlow people are top of the pops when it comes to buying goods on the internet, according to dedicated Irish eBay website.

County manager receives eBay award

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The Irish eBay website teamed up with both the Carlow Country Enterprise Board and County Carlow Chamber to host their second Academy workshop ‘Beyond the Basics of Selling on’ workshop last week.

Second-hand airbags could cost you your life

Motorists trying to save money buying second-hand airbags online could end up paying a much higher price, a new investigation warns. Leading accident management company, Accident Exchange, says the growing trade on auction sites like eBay, is a potentially ‘life and death’ issue and the Government needs to act.

Twenty ways to declutter your home

Do you find it difficult to close your cupboards, get around your bedroom without tripping or find important documents in a hurry?

Ebay worker declines drugs test offer to avoid conviction

An Ebay employee with hopes of one day travelling abroad declined to take a drugs test this week, an ironclad condition which had to be met before a judge would concede to a request of not imposing a conviction.

Style Counsel

With the credit crunch it has become more important to make a full use of your wardrobe. Revamping and recycling your clothes is fast, easy, economical, and fun. You can create unique and original pieces without breaking the bank. You may have a couple of items that are a few seasons old and you are willing to get rid of them. Think of the possibilities you have to transform them onto fabulous new pieces — all you need is a couple of tools, your imagination, and my guidelines.

Moate charity gets Grand Slam shirt for auction

A rugby jersey signed by the Irish Grand Slam team has been presented to the committee of the ‘Fr Gerry Hipwell Memorial Cycle’ and is to be auctioned on eBay in the next week or two.

Athlone Community Radio puts the record straight

Athlone Community Radio is back on air until June 20 after being awarded a 30 day temporary license from the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland.


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