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Free Pneumo flu vaccine for over 65s

A combination of the change in weather and the recent cuts in fuel allowance and the health budget means it’s more important than ever to be protected against deadly pneumococcal disease. The good news is the Pneumo Flu Vaccination is free for over 65’s and other ‘at risk’ groups.

Galway trichologist tackles hair loss

Did you know that there are some 50 different types of hair loss, that common male hair loss can start as young as 14 years of age, or that 40 per cent of women lose hair after childbirth?

Pain: Symptom or disease?

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When I interviewed Dr. David Finn of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at NUI, Galway, I alluded at first to a statement I found in one of his recently published papers: “The study of stress-induced analgesia has enhanced our understanding of the fundamental physiology of pain and stress and can be a useful approach for uncovering new therapeutic targets for the treatment of pain and stress-related disorders.”

Cinema Reviews: Contagion

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THE BLACK Death of 1347 killed 25 million in Europe; smallpox in the 18th century claimed even more lives with 60 million.

BPW Galway and The Galway Clinic raise awareness of osteoporosis at health event

BPW Galway will be hosting a special health event to raise awareness of osteoporosis at The Ardilaun hotel on Tuesday, November 8, at 6pm.

Stroke advice at Athlone Nutrition Clinic

The new Athlone Nutrition Clinic will be on hand to offer nutrition and lifestyle advice at The Irish Heart Foundation’s first National Stroke Week awareness evening in The Shamrock Lodge Hotel on Monday March 28 from 6pm.

Pharmacy backs ‘kick smoking’ campaign

A local pharmacy is spearheading a drive to help smokers kick the habit.

New MRI scanner safely delivered to Mayo General Hosptital

After much manoeuvring and collective holding of breath, a new highly sophisticated MRI scanner was safely delivered and installed at Mayo General Hospital this week. The completion and commissioning of the unit is now taking place, with a view to accepting the first patients during the second week of March 2011.

Severe weather increases deadly sheep diseases

The extreme weather conditions have resulted in increased numbers of sheep dying as a result of Pasteurella pneumonia and other killer diseases such as braxy, according to a leading veterinary adviser.

New podiatry clinic opens at Merlin Park

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A new €800,000 podiatry clinic - the only one of its kind in Ireland - which opened recently on the grounds of Merlin Park University Hospital will provide specialised services to people throughout the country.


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