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Tuam Stars favoured to win first title since 1994

This Sunday there is a county senior football final to be savoured and anticipated.

Judge makes "no promises" for cleaver-wielding man

Judge Tony Hunt said he will make no promises about what approach to sentencing he will take in the case of a Mullingar man who pleaded guilty to attempting to rob a Mullingar newsagents.

County garda sergeant awarded €68,000 after car crashed through his checkpoint

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A county-based garda sergeant has said he is lucky to be alive after a motorist hit him as he smashed through a garda checkpoint.

Price family find no closure from inquest

The mother of a Mullingar teenager killed in a car accident in 2006 has said Wednesday’s inquest has not brought closure to her family.

Defendant restrained after court outburst

A man who claimed he had not been drinking but later became abusive to Judge Seamus Hughes was remanded to Clover Hill prison until February 22.

Drug slang glossary outlined as three-month criminal organisation trial continues

The trial of two Galway men accused of directing a criminal organisation yesterday heard a glossary of slang allegedly used by the men on surveillance tapes.

Extraordinary victory for the people of east Galway

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Between 1869 and 1909 a revolution took place in land ownership in Ireland. A succession of Land Acts gradually reduced the powers of the landlord, and gave their former tenants the means and the opportunity to buy out their tenancy, and to own their own farms. Generous terms were given to tenants by the Wyndham Act of 1903. £100 million was advanced for land purchase, which was immediately availed of by the great majority of tenants. Tenants were advanced the whole purchase price of their holding, at a little over three per cent to be repaid over 68 years. Most landlords were pleased to accept the ready cash, and a whole new social structure emerged throughout the island. However, initially landlords were not compelled to sell, and the independently wealthy marquis of Clanricarde of east Galway refused to cooperate. But his days of evictions, disparaging remarks about his tenants, his bully boy land agent Edward Shaw Tener and his henchmen, were numbered.

Galway enjoyed an unusual breach of promise marriage case

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It is not often that one reads of a man taking an action for breach of promise of marriage. Such an action was heard in the County Court-house, Galway, at the Lent Assizes of 1817. (I think it was one of the first cases heard after the opening of the building).

Six acres of scrubland for Anglo, High Court rules

ANGLO IRISH Bank secured an order for possession this week at the High Court for six acres of scrubland in Co Galway used to secure loans totalling more than €2.1 million.

Father (50) to be sentenced for multiple rape of daughters over 20-year period

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A West of Ireland man will be be sentenced today (Friday) at Castlebar Circuit Court for a litany of sexual and physical abuse of his daughters stretching over a period from 1991 to just two years ago, when the man was first arrested.


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