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Galway artists and life under Lockdown

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'I try to accept the darkness and remind myself a new day is around the corner'

Get laughing with the Róisín Dubh Online KARLnival

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THE LOCKDOWN is no laughing matter, but who says we cannot laugh during the lockdown? Right now, humour is essential to keeping the spirits up and a vital respite from these challenging times.

Maud Gonne swept in and out of meetings

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The most revolutionary play ever produced on an Irish stage was Cathleen Ní Houlihan written by WB Yeats and Lady Gregory. It was performed to a packed audience on a makeshift stage at St Teresa’s Hall in Clarendon Street, Dublin on April 2 1902. It was astonishing in its veracity.

What Do You Mean You Haven't Read...?

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Susan Millar DuMars, poet and short story writer

Dungeons & Naggins - live on YouTube

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NORMALLY, A dungeon is not something you want to be trapped in. A dragon is not a creature you ever want to be face to face with, but in this time of Covid-19, they are just the kind of things you might want to escape to!

The best laughter is here in Galway

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LAUGHTER IS of utmost importance right now with everything so serious and scary, and we need some levity and perspective - even if only for a second, even if the laughs turn to tears because we just need some sort of release.

Get up close and personal with Reg D Hunter

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CONTROVERSIAL AND acclaimed, Reginald D Hunter returns to the Róisín Dubh this month for a show which will also see a set from the 83-year-old comedian Lynn Ruth Miller.

Seann Walsh headlines the Friday night KARLnival

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HE GOT out of Brighton, survived that Strictly Come Dancing controversy, called a recent tour After This One, I'm Going Home, but Seann Walsh is nothing if not irrepressible.

Galway to lead the way at leadership

An international conference on today’s business leadership challenges, planned for 7th October at The Galmont Hotel, Galway was launched this week.

Emman Idama: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs

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NO BLACKS, No Dogs, No Irish - once that was a sign that appeared on boarding houses in Britain, and now it serves - in a slightly altered fashion - as the title of the new show by Emman Idama.


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