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Plus size school uniforms reflect loss of healthy cooking skills

News in this week that Marks & Spencer is introducing a new line of plus size uniforms for national school children has generated considerable concern among health experts. The outside clothing range includes some 23 inch waisted trousers that should fit children aged eight but are now being tailored for children as young as pre-school.

Keep yourself in full health

Castlebar based Dr Ann Shortt has worked as a doctor in emergency medicine and general practice for 10 years but a rotation in London opened her eyes to the benefits of health screening and early detection in order to prevent strokes, heart attacks, and cancer deaths from happening in the first instance. She works both as a GP in Brooklands Medical Centre, Castlebar and in Emergency Medicine in Galway.

Hep C scare will rock public confidence in ‘shaky’ HSE service

A local patients’ advocate has warned that the hepatitis C scare - which has resulted in more than 450 former public hospital patients being offered screening after it emerged they may have been treated by a surgeon infected by the virus - may further rock public confidence in an “already shaky” HSE led health service.

Ninety seven per cent of ‘urgent’ patients seen at UHG’s breast centre within ten days

Some 97 per cent of “urgent” patients are seen within 10 days at the symptomatic breast centre at University Hospital Galway.

Give up smoking

It is not too late to give up smoking for Lent and with you can create your own quit plan and start saving for that special treat.

‘Breast cancer taught me to let go of minor irritations’

Ann Harney was 50 years old and in excellent health when she accidentally discovered a lump in her breast one Friday morning in February 2006.

Coping well with a cancer diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis comes as a major shock to many people. Suddenly, their lives are turned upside down as they attempt to take in the news and understand the various treatments available.

It's a breast health revolution at Curves

Take charge of your health and ‘Liv’ as this month sees the arrival of Liv Aid, the revolutionary breast self examination kit. The Liv Aid is a heart shaped, simple, medical device, that a woman can use every month to perform a correct breast self exam. It is a soft, fluid-filled, pad that enhances a women's sense of touch and makes the BSE process simpler and much more sensitive for detecting new or unusual lumps. It provides a modest barrier between the breast tissue and fingers. It's like a magnifying glass for your finger tips.

Hypnosis and smoking

Are you sick and tired of coughing and sputtering, paying a cigarette mortgage each month, or do you simply want to grow old gracefully without the premature wrinkles and stained teeth? If you have finally made a decision to be free from smoking and you want to kick the habit the easy way, then Irish Hypnosis could be your solution.

Daffodil Day – March 20

Healthy eating for cancer prevention


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