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The National - mistaken for strangers

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THE NATIONAL, the greatest band in the world right now, take to the stage in Galway in July. The centre of attention will be vocalist Matt Berninger, a charismatic storm of passion and masculine existential angst, his lyrics matched by the intensity of guitarists Aaron and Bryce Dessner, and the imaginative rhythms of drummer Bryan Devendorf, while calmly, authoritatively anchoring all this tension and release will be bassist Scott Devendorf.

A bluegrass night in Galway

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THE BLUEGRASS sounds of the Southern states of America will be heard loud and proud in Galway, tomorrow, with a gig by Gone To Grass.

Mullingar debut for The Unusual History of Ether

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Irish/Danish band The Unusual History of Ether make their Mullingar debut this May as their nation wide tour comes to the Mullingar Arts Centre.

Van Morrison’s bassist for Monroe’s

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DAVID DEE Moore, the former bass player for Van Morrison’s band, plays a solo show at Monroe’s Live this Sunday at 10pm.

Fight Like Apes at Róisín Dubh

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Ahead of their UK album release and tour, the nation's most intrepid sonic stevedores will be delivering their own brand of inimitable electro-punk at the Róisín on January 23.

PINS – ‘We can get more agGressive than we should’

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PINS HAVE been called a ‘Manchester band’ - which to some is not a geographical description, but a musical signifier - or as ‘Manc post punk’, which situates them in a particular time and musical pigeon hole, but there is far more to the exciting quartet than these labels can convey.

Baile An Salsa - two worlds in one band

THE WORLDS of Irish trad and Latin American music join forces in an exciting way when Baile An Salsa take to the stage.

The countdown is on to Therapy?

Finbar Hoban Presents legendary Northern Irish rockers. Therapy? live at the Ruby Room at the TF Royal Hotel and Event Centre in Castlebar this October. Therapy? have played with some of the greatest bands in the world including Metallica, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam. And that’s not all, Lafaro and Castlebar band Pilgrimage will be joining Therapy? on the bill for what promises to be the pinnacle gig in Castlebar this year!

New York indie-rock Renaissance man

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HE GREW up in a counterculture atmosphere in New York’s Lower East Side, surrounded by music, comic books, and alternative ways of looking at the world. He is Jeffrey Lewis - singer, songwriter, lyricist, artist, storyteller, and comic book creator.

Baile an Salsa - an Irish/South American musical collision

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LATIN AMERICAN salsa and Irish trad collide to exciting effect in the music of Baile an Salsa who play Monroe’s Live on Saturday February 23 at 9pm.


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